The feeling of watching free online movies is for many, a great feeling which makes them happy. It makes them happy for a number of reasons and among them, you might encounter the comfort of staying home, the ease of finding the newest movies and also, the economy on the cinema tickets. For all these cool reasons, this site has created a list with some of the best online movie streamers, a list which you will find most helpful and more than useful when in search for good quality online free movies. Review

To start our list, we will begin with, a great online movie streamer which will delight with the good quality of the image and the fast streaming. Thanks to their partnership with Sony Pictures, you can easily find full length movies from Sony production. A great way if you need to re view some of their old movies or if you simply like watching their productions. provide high quality movies which will suit perfectly on any type of computer or monitor. Free online movies which will keep you posted for hours. It has a great layout with plenty of features and tools, enough to grant you amazing moments during your favorite online movie. Sometimes, short commercials will appear on your screen, but like we said, they are short and appear only once or twice throughout the whole movie. is one of the best, among a series of other top online movie providers, where you can easily join and watch a movie in good quality and fast streaming. It’s a very interesting online platform where you can watch free online movies. With most of the Hollywood movies fully available and plenty of features that could easily grant you a nice time, Crackle is seen as the best place to view free movies.
The partnership with Sony Pictures managed to gather a lot of positive image for this site as many of its critics say that watching free movies online is bad for the business.

Unlike the file sharing platforms, Crackle provides full length videos in one piece without having to download anything. The ads are very discreet and short, appearing throughout the movie only for a couple of times.

Having Crackle to provide home entertainment for free is a really cool thing and if you keep in mind the many features and tools that the site has, you will surely love watching free online movies with this platform.

The internet has plenty of free movies websites where you can delight with your favorite movie, but the main difference between these places is the quality and the simplicity of accessing them!
Low ads volume, high quality image on all movies, full length movies and the partnership with Sony Pictures. All these benefits for free!
It uses new technology for the best streaming experience and also high video streaming tools to grant you the best possible image quality. All movies on Crackle are available in full length and all are arranged in a wide number of categories. You basically have access to a large number of free online movies with just a simple click on the category list.

Animal Kingdom, Backwash, Angel Eyes, Battlefield Earth, Air, Blackman, The Breed, Brother, Buried Alive, Can’t Hardly Wait and Cruel Intentions are just a few of the free movies online at Crackle that can be seen. By few, we mean a very small part of the free movies because the offer if huge. Loads of movies with various IMDB ratings. For all tastes and categories of age.

If you want to relax but you don’t want to be bothered by the ads most video streaming sites use, always keep in mind Crackle. Although it may have some ads placed in the movies, they are for a short while and very rare. For example, a standard movie of 110 min, will only have 1-3 ads.

These are great news especially because the full length movies are available for free!
Crackle doesn’t needs a registration for you to watch the full length and un-cut movies! Although, if you choose to create user on their site, the main benefit will be that every time you will want to watch the R rated genre movies, you will not be asked for your birth day! Also, as a registered user, you will be able to create your own watchlist. You will basically have the chance to gather all your favorite movies or shows on Crackle and store them in a private watchlist which you can view whenever you like.

You can delight with the free online movies with the Crackle App as well, it comes for both Android and iOS users. Being owned by Sony, means that you will always enjoy a constant flow of new movies.That also means that Crackle is a completely legalĀ  streaming movie website!