The feeling of watching free online movies is for many, a great feeling which makes them happy. It makes them happy for a number of reasons and among them, you might encounter the comfort of staying home, the ease of finding the newest movies and also, the economy on the cinema tickets. For all these cool reasons, this site has created a list with some of the best online movie streamers, a list which you will find most helpful and more than useful when in search for good quality online free movies. Review

If you seek some relaxation and you wish to watch quality flicks on the internet, there is one website that specializes in the field of streaming free movies that you must check out.

SnagFilms was launched in 2008 and now has one of the biggest catalogues of feature films as well as the most interesting documentaries you can find online. Thousands of free streaming movies are available to you on this website that counts myriad of satisfied users.

There is something for everybody on SnagFilms. Neatly organized interface is easy to use and it helps you find exactly what you wish to watch. “Comedy”, “Drama”, “War”, “Politics”, “Sci-Fi”, “History”, and “Kids and Family” are just some of the categories you can browse through.

Learn more about this awesome website and its features.

SnagFilms is excelent for viewing top rated documentaries

Ted Leonsis launched SnagFilms in July 2008, and since then the website has grown both in popularity and the number of titles it has. With over 10,000 films of various content, it is one of the largest libraries of free streaming movies you can find online.

The reason for its growing popularity lies not only in the large number of movies it offers, but also in its easy to use web space that helps you find desired films in no time. Specific genres are neatly categorized and you can also search for movies by date added, most reviewed, most popular, or alphabetical. Of course, if you already know what you are looking for, you can just type in the name of the film in the search bar. SnagFilms movies are also shown on their affiliated sites like IMDb, Hulu, Xfinity TV, and others.

SnagFilms website offers the option to save movies on a watchlist, rate them, or review them by writing a comment. To do all that, you will need to register to the site. You can do so by going to the sign up page or simply by logging in using your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter or Google+). Oh, and don’t worry, signing up is free of charge. However, registration is not necessary, so you can always enjoy watching free movies online without registration.

SnagFilms’ great features extend to the fact that it will recommend you movies for watching based on your previous viewings on the website.

Besides free movies, SnagFilms has its fair share of TV shows as well. You can pick TV shows from a few categories like “Comedy Series”, “Kids and Family”, “Guilty Pleasures” and others.

SnagFilms offers a lot more than just watching free movies and TV shows. For example, if you are a filmmaker, you can submit your documentary for consideration, and if approved, your film creation may find its place on this great website.

Although you can browse through all sorts of different feature films, SnagFilms is well known for its great choice of documentaries, some of which are produced by the famed National Geographic, and PBS. “Human Footprint”, “Hard Time”, “Arlington: Field of Honor”, “Amazonia”, “Looking for Fidel”, and “India’s Hidden Plague” are just some of the titles you can find in SnagFilms’ rich collections.

SnagFilms has a basic and easy to use video player. You can forward and backward the video, set the volume, make the video fullscreen, and change the quality. As for the quality, SnagFilms is one of the rare websites with free streaming movies that offers HD quality of content. Most of the website’s films are in 720p, or even 1080p resolution. The only downside to the video player is that the subtitles for movies are not available.

Of course, as a free movies website, SnagFilms must advertise. But compared to other similar websites, SnagFilms isn’t as bad when it comes to ads. It shows very few advertisements, and your browsing and viewing experience won’t get ruined by them.

SnagFilms website is easily accessible, and besides using it on your computer, you can finds its free app on iTunes, Google Play, Windows, and more.