The feeling of watching free online movies is for many, a great feeling which makes them happy. It makes them happy for a number of reasons and among them, you might encounter the comfort of staying home, the ease of finding the newest movies and also, the economy on the cinema tickets. For all these cool reasons, this site has created a list with some of the best online movie streamers, a list which you will find most helpful and more than useful when in search for good quality online free movies. Review

If you are looking for free streaming movies, and you’re a fan of documentaries, TDF will definitely suit your film watching needs.

Top Documentary Films has a huge library of non-fictional movies online, and you can watch them all for free on this great website. With plenty of categories to choose from, like “Biography”, “Environment”, “Nature”, “Religion”, “Science”, “Technology” and many more, we are sure you will easily find the movies of your interest.

Some of the popular titles you can find here are “Planet Ocean”, “Close Encounters”, “Evolution vs God”, “Space Station Tour”, “How TV Ruined Your Life”, and others.

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TDF is the best place for streaming factual movies

There are a lot of websites you can find that offer watching movies online, but there are only a few that stand out from that crowd with their content quality, library size, and availability to all users.

Top Documentary Films is in that selected company of great websites that offer free streaming movies. And if documentaries are your thing, you will soon find out why this website is among the most visited when it comes to watching movies online.

Most importantly, Top Documentary Films links are in the public domain and are totally available to everybody. You can watch as many movies as you like, and as long as you wish for, all free of charge. No registration is required to use the website, so you can start browsing right away.

Easiest way to find what you are interested in is by browsing through the website’s category list on the home page. This list contains a total of 25 categories like “Biography”, “Politics”, “History”, “Nature”, “Military and War”, “Sports”… You can also search for documentaries by recently added, highest rated, most voted and most shared. I recommend a “TOP 100” section where you will find a list of one hundred highest rated films by the website’s visitors. Of course, if you are looking for a specific movie to watch, you can always search it via the search bar.

With more than 3,000 titles to choose from, Top Documentary Films is one of the largest libraries of factual movies online. You can enjoy documentaries produced by PBS, VICE, National Geographic or other, simply within a few clicks. “State of Surveillance”, “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”, “Oil Control”, “9/11 Memorial” and “World War III” are just some of the titles you may find on TDF.

Alongside movies, Top Documentary Films has its fair share of series as well. When it comes to documentary series, one of my personal favorites is Charlie Booker’s fantastic comedy series “How TV Ruined Your Life”, and also you should check out the great space exploration series “Through The Wormhole” with the famous actor Morgan Freeman as the narrator.

Quality of videos varies on TDF as the website itself doesn’t host any movies or series, but rather links them from YouTube. You can watch documentaries in quality from 144p to HD quality of 720p, or even 1080p. Standard YouTube player requires the latest Adobe Flash Player to be installed, and is really easy and practical for use. Fast internet connection is advisable, so you can stream movies in HD quality.

If you wish, you can subscribe to Top Documentary Films by leaving your email address. The website will then notify you weekly on all new documentaries that get posted. Of course, signing up is not necessary, and you can always enjoy free movies online without registration. There are also other ways to get notified of the TDF’s latest content, and you can do that by following the website’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out Top Documentary Films now and enjoy a vast collection of top quality documentaries!