The feeling of watching free online movies is for many, a great feeling which makes them happy. It makes them happy for a number of reasons and among them, you might encounter the comfort of staying home, the ease of finding the newest movies and also, the economy on the cinema tickets. For all these cool reasons, this site has created a list with some of the best online movie streamers, a list which you will find most helpful and more than useful when in search for good quality online free movies. Review

As the most popular video sharing website, YouTube doesn’t require any special introductions. However, it’s not the most known fact that you can watch free movies on YouTube as well.

Because of a lot of copyright issues, not everybody can upload a movie to YouTube, but you can still find a fair number of free movies as well as TV shows, either from official channels or from regular website users.

Unlike the other website that offer watching movies online, YouTube doesn’t sort movies through genres, nor provides any kind of a list where you can browse movies. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for, you can type it in the search bar, and maybe find the movie you wanted to see.

Take a look at the full review and find out what’s the best way to find movies on YouTube without paying.

Watching movies and TV shows for free on YouTube

With millions of users sharing new clips and videos every day, over the years YouTube has become one of the most popular websites in the world, and by far the biggest when it comes to video sharing. However, today we are not going to talk about clips, but rather about movies and TV shows.

Finding movies online can sometimes be hard and expensive, but there are a lot of websites that provide their users with free streaming movies.

Being predominantly a website that shares video clips, YouTube is not the most perfect place to find full length films. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find any on this website. You just need to know where to look.

Other websites that specialize in streaming films online, usually have a list of genres or various catalogues that make it easy for you to find a desired movie or a show. Although YouTube doesn’t have such lists, you can still find movies fairly easily.

One way is to simply type in the title of the movie you wish to see into the search bar and hope that it’s there. If you don’t see your movie on the list of results, try clicking the button “Filter”, and then go to “Movie”. This way, YouTube will show only movies that relate to your specific search term. Another way is to browse through some YouTube channels like Popcornflix, Maverick Entertainment, or Viewster, that upload full length movies. These channels are great and have a large collection of full length movies so make sure to check them out.

Maybe the most effective way for browsing free streaming movies on YouTube is by third-party websites like Zero Dollar Movies or Top Documentary Films. These websites don’t host any of the movies themselves, but rather provide lists of thousands of movies you can watch on YouTube. They have them categorized and you can search the movies by title as well.

As for TV shows, YouTube has them sorted and organized better than the movies. You can simply go to and see what the website has to offer. From there, you can browse TV shows by genre and easily find the shows of your liking.

YouTube is a place where you can watch content for free and without signing up, but there are some advantages of making a personal profile on the website. When you make a profile on YouTube, you can use the website to subscribe to channels of your interest, comment on, like or dislike videos, or make lists of your favorite content. Of course, you can upload the videos yourself.

The quality of videos varies on YouTube. The videos can be seen from 144p to HD resolution of 720p, 1080p, or even higher. The official and more organized channels usually make sure that the movies they post are available in best quality possible. The video player is really simple to use. You can pause, rewind or forward, change quality and speed the video up or down. Some free movies even have closed caption that you can turn on or off.

YouTube sometimes uses ads in its videos, but it’s really not a big deal since the ads are short and skippable.